"Eiroholdings" Ltd. has always been open to any diligent
and honest partner,
no matter what business or region they deal with.
The range of our interests is oriented towards all the continents, in every region
of the World we have friends
and partners.

WE ARE READY TO COOPERATE IN ANY BUSINESS AREA we are competent according to the law of business parity and real opportunities. Realization of perspective opportunities makes us believe that our greatest task is to increase the efficiency and profitability of our manufacturing company.
"EiroHoldings" Ltd. structure includes industrial companies which potential has not been exercised yet. In order to readjust these companies, that lately have been acquired by "EiroHoldings" Ltd., vast investments, secure partners and clear understanding of opportunities and goals are necessary. For successful development of their company, "EiroHoldings" sees the need for having factory branches all over Latvia.
Most of the already privatized companies are joint stock companies, where "EiroHoldings" is the owner of the controlling block of stocks.
"EiroHoldings" management associates it's future with the development of industry in Latvia, where they see the opportunities for growth. "EiroHoldings" has never been only the holder of the controlling block of the stocks. On the contrary, it has been very active in developing economic strategy, planning its perspectives for many years ahead, not some months or couple of years.

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Riga LV-1050 LATVIA
Ph.: +371 67046310, 67046320
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