"Eiroholdings" Ltd. has always been open to any diligent
and honest partner,
no matter what business or region they deal with.
The range of our interests is oriented towards all the continents, in every region
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"EiroHoldings" Ltd. is one of the largest investment groups in Latvia which controls and manages significant assets in industrial sector in Latvia and abroad. The range of business within the interests and competence of the Group spreads across the following industries:

The Remars-Terminal,
Department of JSC "REMARS-RIGA" is situated in the territory of the Riga Port
and employs the quays of RKR 6,7,8,9 customs zone MP 0263.
Sphere of activities - port services.
Started its operations in 1996.

Company's Structure Scheme
Remars-Riga JSC
Remars-Terminal Department
/ | \
Stevedoring Section Transport Section Metal scrap reloading
  • Railway cars and motor transport loading/unloading.
  • Cargo storage.
  • Wharfing, stevedoring and agent services

Handling Equipment

  • Mobile hydraulic cranes with lifting capacity up to 20t - 4 units. Meant for handling timber and metal scrap.
  • Mobile crane with lifting capacity 40 t - 1 unit.
  • Gantry cranes with lifting capacity 32 t - 10 units.
  • Lift trucks with lifting capacity 1.5 to 7 t - 15 units.
  • Other handling equipment - more than 40 units.
  • Motor tug - 1 unit.

Open-air freight storage grounds - 50 thousand sq.m.
Freight warehouse area - 3800 sq.m. Railway approach lines (up to 40 railway cars).
Place for unloading/loading of railway cars.
Maximum draught at the wharf - up to 8 m.

EiroHoldings 2003-09 Address details of JSC "REMARS-RIGA":
Office address:
2 Gales Street,
Riga, LV-1015, Latvia
Phone: + 371 67353695
Fax: +371 67353526