"Eiroholdings" Ltd. has always been open to any diligent
and honest partner,
no matter what business or region they deal with.
The range of our interests is oriented towards all the continents, in every region
of the World we have friends
and partners.

"EiroHoldings" Ltd. is one of the largest investment groups in Latvia which controls and manages significant assets in industrial sector in Latvia and abroad. The range of business within the interests and competence of the Group spreads across the following industries:

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  • maritime
  • "Rigas Kugu Buvetava"
  • "Remars-Riga"
  • "Tosmares kugubuvetava"



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EiroHoldings 2003-09 16 Pils Str.,
Riga LV-1050 LATVIA
Ph.: +371 67046310, 67046320
Fax: +371 67046315, 7046325