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"Eiroholdings" Ltd. has always been open to any diligent
and honest partner,
no matter what business or region they deal with.
The range of our interests is oriented towards all the continents, in every region
of the World we have friends
and partners.
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Bruņotie spēki saņem otro Rīgas kuģu būvētavā tapušo patruļkuģi

Liepājas ostas 81. piestātnē pirmdien notika svinīga ceremonija par godu otrā Jūras spēku flotiles (JSF) Skrundas klases krasta apsardzes patruļkuģa Cēsissaņemšanai no AS Rīgas kuģu būvētava (RKB), vēsta portāls

Latvijas un Krievijas Lietišķās sadarbības padomes sēde

Domes ziņas

09.06.2011 Liepājā norisinās piektā Latvijas un Krievijas Starpvaldību komisijas sēde Šodien, 9. jūnijā Liepājā norisinās Latvijas un Krievijas Lietišķās sadarbības padomes sēde. Sēdes atklāšanā Liepājas domes priekšsēdētājs Uldis Sesks uzsvēra, ka abu valstu sadarbībai svarīgi ir stiprināt tieši ekonomiskās saites jeb uzņēmēju sadarbību.

WE ARE READY TO COOPERATE IN ANY BUSINESS AREA we are competent according to the law of business parity and real opportunities. Realization of perspective opportunities makes us believe that our greatest task is to increase the efficiency and profitability of our manufacturing company.


The field has a versatile semantics: the system will consecutively check the presence of the search value being entered by checking the following sections of data base:

  • Name of company Ц partner,
  • Additional information,
  • Main trend of activities.
    • Entering a few values (words or word parts) simultaneously is allowed

Values entered can be entire words or their parts (a few symbols that come first). In such a case, the search will be a subline one. The length of the word parts should not be less than 4 symbols. The system will recognize a shorter value as an entire word, and subline search will not be accomplished (the system will find the information objects looked for in the data base, only if their length precisely corresponds to the length of the values entered).

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